SAP Services in 90 Countries

United VARs. A global network of the world's leading SAP competence for small and medium enterprises.

For your international SAP project you need a partner that doesn't just know your industry segment, but understands it as well. A partner that can help you to optimise your cross-company business processes. A partner that not just knows your local requirements, but speaks your language too. A partner that is not just at home in the midmarket segment, but at your location as well.

We have understood this message and as a result the international SAP partner network United VARs was founded. This is not just a loose association, but a tight and long-term oriented community of leading SAP partners from around the world, who have two things in common - excellent industry-specific know-how and extensive SAP experience, not just in the small and medium enterprise (SME) market, but also in the manufacturing industry.

United VARs delivers one-stop support to international customers under the global responsibility of one leading partner who coordinates the entire project from managing the international project teams to proposing the standardised tools and monitoring best practices. That means one global project management team who understands local and legal requirements. United VARs stands for consistent quality and performance across national boundaries. In addition we offer complementary support and services exactly where they are needed - at your locations worldwide.

United VARs. And your international SAP project will be successful.

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