Boosting your competitiveness

Companies in the electrical engineering and electronics industry place many different demands on their business software:

  • Future-proof software with the potential for ongoing process optimisation
  • Support the development process for products, tools and assemblies
  • Reduce cash-to-cash cycle times
  • Optimise processing and cycle times
  • Integrated document management
  • Integrated quality management
  • Integrated cost and performance accounting
  • Reduce capital commitment in inventory assets

All for Electric supports all types of manufacturing from separate orders-based production to variant configurations all the way to series production. Implementation procedures engineered especially for midmarket enterprises have proven themselves superbly in practice and assure you a rapid launch at a predictable and reliable price. A dependable and professional industry concept, sample forms, supplementary reports, additional smart innovations and industry-specific training materials round out this solution package and make All for Electric a genuine added-value solution.

Designed for mid-sized companies

All for Electric is a package solution designed for small to mid-sized companies in the electrical engineering and electronics industry, which is standardised and yet custom-tailored to specific business processes at the same time. Its compelling focus on unique industry requirements and features makes All for Electric fully operational in the shortest possible time. And it takes little effort and expense to accommodate individual company wishes and specifications. The classification according to the ETIM Association's electrical engineering information model is as much a standard component of the solution as its integration of commercial and sales partners.

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