24 hours, 7 days a week

Our customers expect their enquiries to be processed quickly, comprehensively and compentently. One-to-one contact with our experts and the complete documentation of all incidents are therefore of utmost importance. The All for One Steeb Customer Support Concept fulfils the high expectations of effective and long-term customer service. It is based on the following two mainstays:

Customer Support Concept

  • Competent SAP and industry experts with perfectly coordinated areas of responsibility.
  • An integral and transparent infrastructure with the SAP Solution Manager at the hub.

For a leading SAP full-service provider such as All for One Steeb, perfect service and support is not just par for the course but rather an integral part of our philosophy and aspiration to support our customers in the best possible way - 24/7!

All for One Steeb. Das SAP Haus.